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The 31st Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day is finally here! We hope that you take some time today to think about, recognize, or reflect on the great things that female athletes have done and are doing in the world.

This year’s national theme was “Expanding Opportunity” and our essay entrants demonstrated how they are working to create engagement with others through sport. With an earlier deadline this year, we saw fewer entries overall, but had some great expansion into the region. Let’s keep spreading the word!

Below is the list of winners and honorable mentions in each of the grade categories for this year. Please visit the Past Essay Contest Winners page to read the winning essays.

Thanks to all our entrants for submitting and look for next year’s essay ideas to be released in November 2017!

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
1st place – Emerson Intriligator, Kindergarten, Francis Parker School #23
Honorable Mention – Daisy Scarlett Jones, 1st grade, Brooks Hill Elementary

3rd – 5th Grade
No entries

6th – 8th Grade
1st place – Michaela Duggan, 6th grade, Piermont, NY
Honorable Mention – Riley Simpson, 7th grade, TC Armstrong Middle School

9th – 12th Grade
1st Place – Hayley Moniz, 11th grade, Westfield High School (MA)
Honorable Mention – Rachel Muller, 12th grade, Brockport High School

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Happy fall from Rochester, NY!  It is that time of year again where we are excited to announce the themes for the 8th Annual NGWSD Essay Contest!  Next year, the National Girls and Women in Sports Day will be February 1, 2017 and our essay contest winners will be announced that day.  See the page on this site for details about the contest, or email us directly at ngwsd@sjfc.edu.

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1. Girls and women who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not (Hausenblas, 1998).

2. As little as 4 hours of exercise per week may reduce a teenage girl’s risk of breast cancer by up to 60% (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 1994)

3. 82% of executive businesswomen played organized sports after grade school (“Girls Gain”, 2003)

4. High school girls who engage in interscholastic sports have higher odds of completing college than their non-athlete counterparts (Troutman & Dufur, 2007)

5. Sport participation reduces the risk of degenerative osteoporosis (Warrington, 2008)

6. Strength training enhances the ability to carry out daily activities for women of all ages (American College of Sports Medicine, 2000)

7. High school girls who play sports are more likely to wait longer to lose their virginity and are more likely to use contraception (Miller, et al., 1999)

8. Female athletes in college tend to graduate at a higher rate (71%) than their non-athlete female counterparts (64%) (The NCAA News, 2006)

9. Conscientiousness and openness to experience have been positively related to different exercise behaviors (Courneya, et al. 2002)

10. Adolescent females show a reduced suicide risk if they perceive physical activity as an important determinant of health, and as a beneficial coping mechanism during times of stress (Tomori & Zalar, 2000)

11. Females who participate in sport programs report positive changes of competence and self-esteem that carry over to other parts of their lives (Gill, 1986)

12. Female athletes are less likely to get into trouble at school than their non-athlete counterparts (Levin, et al., 1995)

Add to our list! Why do you support female athletes?

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