Today is the National Girls and Women in Sports Day! Look around the world and notice all of the accomplishments and advancements of female athletes. Their paths to and through sport are uniquely theirs and share the full gamut of emotions from sorrow and disappointment to elation and euphoria. Supporting these athletes not only today, on this day of celebration, but 24/7/365 can demonstrate the recognition that is often missing for women who dare to try. 

Our entries this year share deeply personal stories about athletic triumphs and struggles within the field of competition and in life. These young authors bravely used their words to share with others the important, and sometimes hard, life lessons that sport participation brings. Please visit the 2023 Winning Essays tab to read the winning essays. 

Grades 3-5

Winner – Aubrey Peets, 4th grade, Wayne Elementary School

Honorable Mention – Jana Al Marie, 5th grade, Children’s School of Rochester #15 

Honorable Mention – Cali Snyder, 3rd grade, Wayne Elementary School

Grades 6-8

Winner – Emerson Davis, 7th grade, Allendale Columbia

Honorable Mention – Riley Kuhn, 6th grade, Midlakes Elementary

Honorable Mention – Sadrianna Erb, 8th grade, Canandaigua

Grades 9-12

Winner – Julia Burnham, 11th grade, Davidson Academy

Honorable Mention – London Jones, 12th grade, East Rochester High School

Honorable Mention – Mischa Raczka, 9th grade, James A. Benway High School

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