Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

The ongoing efforts to #LeadHerForward was exemplified in many of our essay contest entries written by amazing athletes this year. Reading about the importance of mental health, discussions about how the media treats female athletes, and how far we have come since the passage of Title IX show how much sport means to these young women and provide insights into their visions for sport and society in the future. We have no doubt that these girls will be the next generation of women working to #LeadHerForward.

While the first Wednesday in February is always the national day of celebration, girls and women are doing amazing things every day of the year. We encourage everyone to take moments when they see them to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of girls and women everywhere. But now is the time to recognize the outstanding writing entries submitted to this year’s contest! You can visit the 2022 Winning Essays tab to read the winning essays.

Grades 3-5

Winner – Zainab Firdaus, 5th grade, Vintage Hills Elementary

Honorable Mention – Olivia Ines Pereira Saffie, 3rd Grade, Victor Primary School

Grades 6-8

Winner – Ever Mahoney, 6th Grade, Allendale Columbia

Honorable Mention – Kaylee Maas, 8th Grade, Our Lady of Mercy

Grades 9-12

Winner – Delaney Baker, 11th grade, Fairport High School

Honorable Mention – Philani Gqamana, 10th grade, Our Lady of Mercy High School

Honorable Mention – Haylie Smith, 9th grade, Roth Junior High

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