Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

This year’s national theme, #LeadHerForward, was exemplified in many of our essay contest entries written by amazing athletes. Reading stories of facing challenges, working through adversity, the power of dreams, and the many lessons that sport teaches us provided insights into lived experiences of so many young people. We have no doubt that these girls will be the next generation of women working to #LeadHerForward.

While the first Wednesday in February is always the national day of celebration, girls and women are doing amazing things every day of the year. We encourage everyone to take moments when they see them to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of girls and women everywhere. But now is the time to recognize the outstanding writing entries submitted to this year’s contest! You can visit the 2020 Winning Essays tab to read the winning essays.

Grades K-2

Winner – Naomi Godfrey, 1st grade, Churchville Elementary School

Honorable Mention – Scarlett Brown, 2nd grade, Schlegel Elementary


Grades 3-5

Winner – Mikayla Spoth, 4th grade, Jefferson Avenue Elementary

Honorable Mention – Kate Good, 4th grade, Saint Francis-St. Stephen School


Grades 6-8

Winner – Madeline May Geiser-Getz, 8th grade, Geneseo Central School

Honorable Mention – Emma Lockwood, 8th grade, Armstrong Middle School


Grades 9-12

Winner – Isabelle Ebenhoch, 12th grade, Fairport High School

Honorable Mention – Halima Salat, 12th grade, MCC Upward Bound Program

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