2020 Grades K-2 Winner

Naomi Godfrey, 1st grade, Churchville Elementary School

Basketball is Awesome

godfrey essay picture 2020

I like basketball.  It is fun.  Someday I want to be a basketball player.  It is my dream.  Basketball is my favorite sport to play.  I love to bounce my basketball and shoot it at the hoop.  I do a lot of running in basketball.  When I run, I have to keep bouncing the ball or it will get away from me.  Sometimes I lose the ball, but I will get better with practice.  Someday I will be awesome!


2020 Grades 3-5 Winner

Mikayla Spoth, 4th grade, Jefferson Avenue Elementary School

I started figure skating lessons two weeks ago. My mom always wanted to become aIsa
professional figure skater. She took Learn to Skate lessons at Lakeshore Hockey
Arena, and loved it! She loved it so much, and she was ready to move on to the next
level: Jumps and Spins. She was so excited to tell her mom and dad.
Unfortunately,her parents did not have enough money for her to continue.When I
heard that,I knew that I just had to keep the story going.I had to keep her dreams
going.I just had to. Just had to.Had to.So I asked her if I could take figure skating
lessons at Village Sports. She said YES! This is how my sports dreams began:

On Sunday, January 12th, I woke up excited, but nervous. My day was not
going to be a normal Sunday.” Today is the day figure skating lessons start”! I
thought to myself.” Today is the day”! I got out of bed happily,and rushed downstairs.

Me and my mom got in the car and she drove me to Village Sports. Once we
arrived,she asked me a simple question:” Are you scared?” I said a little.We checked
in, put on my skates, and before I knew it, I was on the ice.

I got separated into a smaller group. We learned Strokes and Swivels. We
learned backwards swivels and stops. Then, it was the time I had been waiting for the whole entire time: Practice time. I got to practice what I learned and skate free around
the rink. That’s when I learned the magic of figure skating.You don’t have to be good
at it. You just have to have fun and be yourself. Do your thing. Be strong and
energetic. That’s really the magic of figure skating.

That’s how my dream to become a professional figure skater began. I’m sure
my mom will be very happy if my dream comes true. It’s like her dream is coming true
inside me. What are your sports dreams? Just remember 1 thing: Girls can do


2020 Grades 6-8 Winner

Madeline May Geiser-Getz, 8th grade, Geneseo Central School

Willing and Able

Everyone believes in something. From equal human rights, to women being able to play
professional league sports. To me, #LikeAGirl means that every girl should believe in what they want to believe in. Girls can think for themselves, and don’t have to be told what is right. They are just as capable as anyone else. As Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank said, “There are no walls, no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind.” No one can stop us from believing. No one can tell us not to think about something. That is one thing we must protect. Our ability to think, believe and create, without people telling us it’s wrong.

#LikeAGirl means that girls should stand up for what they believe in, and not be scared
to say it out loud. Girls need to be making a path for the next generation. We need girls that aren’t afraid to do what’s right. Girls shouldn’t be scared to believe, even if it goes against society’s norms. In order to succeed, girls need to believe in themselves. They will have to be strong to make a difference, but every girl can do it! Being strong is so important, but there are many ways to be strong. You could be strong as an athlete, strong as a student, strong with communication, and many other ways!

#LikeAGirl should be a phrase in every girls dictionary. It is an important life lesson that
can inspire girls to work hard, believe, and be strong everyday. Applying this life lesson in everyday life is setting a girl up for success. Girls will always be willing and able to make a difference in the world, inspire other girls to do the right thing, and always believe.


2020 Grades 9-12 Winner

Isabelle Ebenhoch, 12th grade, Fairport High School

#BeingAGirl vs. #LikeAGirl

#BeingAGirl in sports means running down that field on little legs, heart pumping wildy,
hair in your face, with a wild smile. It means loving the game with a passion, playing with male and female teammates, seeing no barriers in your way. It means getting a little older, and a little wiser, and suddenly your skills aren’t as good as that boy over there. It means being blasted in the face with a message from society and the media that women’s sports are less than, inferior. It means school bleachers filled to maximum capacity with an eager student section for the boys varsity team, and a sparse population of only parents for the girls team. It means turning on the tv, and watching the men dominate the channels. It means your sports idols constantly being overlooked because their gender. It means seeing the achievements of the best women’s soccer team in the world, with multiple World Cup and Olympic titles, reduced to be insignificant, because “men’s soccer is so much better than women’s soccer.”

But #LikeAGirl? This means defeating every single one of the stereotypes and stigmas
against female sports. It means handing yourself over completely to your passion. It means developing a fierce competitiveness, and refusing to accept the sneering looks and sarcastic looks from those who think you are less. It means constantly pushing to be better than you were yesterday, to have a inner drive that scores points, sets records, and leaves the men in the dust.

Women have to navigate an obstacle course to come out succeed, whereas men walk the
well-worn path. Women in sports are tough, fierce, and passionate, using their talents daily to validate what it is to play #LikeAGirl. I see it everyday, in the girl who sits next to me in class who plays on an all- male hockey team, because she won’t let anything stop her from playing the sport she loves. Or in the girl on my soccer team, who exudes both determination and a deep enjoyment of the sport. Or myself, who sees my sport constantly reduced on the local and national level, and who uses my anger as an ignition of a fire to prove each and every person who doubts my ability wrong.

I am proud to play #LikeAGirl. I will tear down every stereotype, win ever title, push
every boundary, until female sports can one day rise on the same platform as male sports. And I know when that day comes, women will stand united as one, ready to take their game even further.